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An Introduction to Chemistry, and Biology

An Introduction to Chemistry, and Biology

An Introduction to Chemistry, and Biology
Victory  Gilbert

Victory Gilbert

  5.00 7 Review(s)
  • Subject - Exam Prep
  • Mar 15, 2024
  • 12:00 Onwards
  • Seats - 10
  • Lessons - 10
  • ₦15,000.00

Class Description

In this class, students will gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of chemistry and biology. Previous concepts will be integrated into later topics when relevant. Images, hands-on activities, and practice questions will help solidify the concepts in class.

Also provided are optional homework problems, reading assignments, and project-based assignments that students can do at home as well as optional tests at the end of each unit (biology, and chemistry).

Students should have basic equation-solving skills for the chemistry portion of the course but a student who catches on quickly would probably be fine without it.

Classes (10)

The Cell. We will take a look at the construction of both plant and animal cells

Mar 15, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

Proteins. We will explore how proteins are constructed and how they keep our bodies running

Mar 16, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

DNA. We will discuss the function of DNA and take a look at its structure.

Mar 17, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

The Genetic Code. We will see how RNA functions to create proteins, etc

Mar 22, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

DNA manipulations. We will explore how scientists are engineering DNA to produce insulin

Mar 23, 2024 - 11:45 (90 Minutes)

Models of the Atom. We will discuss the history of the atom and the various models.

Mar 24, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

The Periodic Table. We will talk about how elements are arranged on the periodic table

Mar 29, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

Chemical Bonding. We will look at how atoms combine with chemical bonding,

Apr 01, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

Chemical Reactions and States of Matter. We will learn how to balance chemical equations

Apr 16, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)

Organic Chemistry. We will examine the functional groups of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes

Apr 17, 2024 - 12:00 (90 Minutes)